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Hillary News Blog, "The Factual Political Information All Americans Deserve

Welcome to The Hillary News Blog, at and with our open email at! We will be very informative about Hillary Rodham Clinton and will tell the various inside information that all Americans need to know! Ms. Clinton has been in the inside of American Politics since the Watergate Commission, where she was a Lawyer and fact investigator! She was a new lawyer and very well thought of for her high IQ and honest interpretation of the Law! I, as a Democrat, will tell the true facts of Political News as it applies to all voters both Republican, Democrat, and Independent! I shall attempt to show all of Upstate New York and Vermont that at this juncture of 'History", The Clinton's still have great knowledge"!  From enforcing Civil Rights, to performing needed education responsibilities, to feeding the needy, to enacting "No Child Left Behind" and to attempt to regulate the Big Banks from outsourcing American Jobs, Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton was there every step of the Way"! From Watergate, to the White House and her attempt to modernize Health Care, Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton was there and is still there! Being American is not easy any more with Public Employees receiving much more benefits, and higher pay than the Private Citizen to whom they are responsible to, but Secretary Hillary Clinton has started an in depth study of the massive spending of the Government on payroll and costly benefits and which Department is the most wasteful! When she was fresh out of Yale, she was picked for the Watergate Commission because of her in depth knowledge of the "LAW" in Government and her tremendous belief in the American people! This News Blog will be discussing the various intricate dealings that Secretary Clinton has had and will also, after consulting with former associates, discuss Secretary Clinton's involvement with protecting America from terrorists before the 911 attacks! As First Lady of the Land, being the wife of the President, Ms. Clinton was the first "First Lady" to be declared "An Unpaid Employee of The Government and an assistant to The President"! This means that she broke new ground for not only women but for all Americans! This Federal Court ruling made her work as First Lady an 8 year unpaid experiment in the hard work that not only Barbara Bush had done and that Nancy Reagan had done but also all the First Ladies of this Great Nation! Ms. Clinton was closely associated with National Security Advisor Sanford (Sandy) Berger and acted, (unknown to the public) as an advisor to the President thru Sandy Berger! This copy righted News Blogger and Video Producer knew Sandy Berger and as his father before him, had helped him! Sandy was a lawyer and had a great love of America! He was a young Lawyer who had met many people in the know, before he met William Clinton, and became White House Council and then National Security Advisor! He had asked the Honorable Bill Craft, in upstate New York, for a few Supreme Court favors and received them in the 1970's! Secretary Clinton was such a staunch supporter of National Security that she met with Mr. Berger almost weekly for 8 full years! Yes, she tried to get a new national health care system in place, but Secretary Hillary Clinton, "then First Lady Hillary Clinton", was also as helpful as she could be to try to defend the America she loved! This News Blog is not affiliated with The Clinton Campaign and has accepted "No Money At All" from the Campaign but this News Blogger was a man of the World and a former Contractor for The United States Government plus knew a few White House personalities over the last 45 years or so!  I shall delve into the actual workings of the State Department and it's relationship to the President of the United States, to whom it is solely to report! The Secretary Of The State Department or as we call them, The Secretary of State, is more than a civil servant collecting a paycheck, The Secretary of State is technically and legally a Military Commander who is in total command of all State Department Military Missions, 10,000 marines, the entire United Nations Security Detail, all Ambassadors, and the Diplomatic Security Service, a small air force, plus the very disorganized Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (I N L) which is suppose to organize the counter offensive on Drug Operations in 160 Nations, and All their Law Enforcement Agencies! Yes, the I N L was impossible to govern because the Drug Operations were actually being over seen by Foreign Military Forces for the huge amounts of money they made! Secretary Clinton was the first Secretary of State to actually have a close association with under cover agents personally, and because of her EIGHT years in the White House, knowing and being associated with her husbands National Security Advisor, Sandy Berger, she was trying to get a personal hold on each situation! This great responsibility was far more than President Obama was concerned with, but President Obama was her superior! General Colin Powell would tell all who are reading this BLOG that he had his hands full also, and he was an actual General of The Armies! Secretary Clinton, as Secretary of State is also the statutory United States Police Chief of her own Law Enforcement Agency! This is the "LAW"! The Secretary of State is the General of her/his own combat troops and her/his own Intelligence Operations and Police Departments! The Secretary of State does delegate many authorities to various Undersecretaries of State but is still the Chief of the Agency and as Secretary Clinton stated before Congress for 11 (eleven) hours, "I had my hands full and I ran the complete State Department! I will not blame my subordinates for any mistakes that were made, and I will assume all responsibilities for any failures! I was the Secretary of State and I alone was in charge of my Undersecretaries!" Hillary Clinton stood firm and while she, as all Generals or Police Chiefs do, made a few mistakes. She is and was not invincible or right all the time! Hillary Clinton made calls that were correct some of the times and she made a few mistakes, "BUT" Hillary Clinton did not run away from a fight or use others to take any blame! Hillary Clinton did not gloat and brag about the secret deals with some our allies to keep America Safe, because they were secret deals authorized by The President of The United States! I, as a former undercover contractor, under 26 u s c 7802, and many other professionals and contracted semi professionals would say "if push comes to shove" most missions are never fully disclosed and will never be fully disclosed! All the missions that I conducted for The Ford Administration through Vice President Rockefeller or for The Clinton Administration via Sandy Berger, the National Security Advisor, might be disclosed because I did not have a confidentiality agreement in place and was contracted by one and asked by the other to engage in possible grey legal areas! What I did was for my Country and for the pure "JAZZ" of it, as an old Hollywood Actor use to say on the A Team, was necessary! The common police person just does not have the knowledge, background or the ability to complete most subversive operations by themselves unless they have group help! They are trained to be with a group and always have a pay check and absolute group support! Undercover work can be fun but it can be dangerous. It depends who you are after or who you are working with! What I can say, very honestly, is that Hillary Clinton has made a few mistakes, as have we all, but Hillary Clinton has always loved this Country! She was a researcher for the Watergate Commission in her twenties, and a Law Professor in Arkansas (who made no money), to the First Lady of Arkansas, to The First Lady of The United States,(as an unpaid staff member for The United States), to a United States Senator from New York, to a Presidential Candidate against the current President to The Secretary of State for 5 years to a Presidential Candidate in 2016! She always loved both her husband, her daughter, and The United States! There was a time in 2000 that I got mad at her and stood my ground for a cause! I wrote a tough article via a reporter at the Troy Record, but I never tried to use the remarks that Donald Trump has made! I was mad at a procedural issue with Hillary Clinton had running for the Senate and legally spoke out about it! Ms.Hillary Clinton did what I myself once did, and many men and women, in all walks of life, do everyday! We fall in love with our life's partners and spouses and we love unconditionally! Hillary Clinton is one of those people! She fell in love with William Jefferson Clinton and gave up a multi million dollar Law Career to move to Arkansas and teach for almost no pay, ($25000.00) in order to be near her future "SPOUSE"! Hillary Clinton is being criticized by The Republican Candidate Donald Trump for being in "LOVE" with her family and her Nation! Shame on Donald Trump! Donald Trump is in love with Donald Trump only! I will discuss Donald Trump in a separate Blog, because I can! I am most likely, the only copy righted News Blogger or Writer, who is not in the Construction Trades or a Casino hanger/owner, who met with his father in 1991! I had my Lawyer present with Fred Trumps Lawyer and business deal! I can tell you about a few actual situations that Mr. Donald Trump was involved with and the certain persons! As a registered United States Contractor,( from 1987 to 2010, under 26 u s c 7802) and as a part time undercover operative for certain friends, (I have it in writing under 26 u s c 7802) plus my various associates and friends in all the various legal and illegal organizations in the North American Theater, I am most likely the only one or in a very small select group, who can discuss a few of the Various Deals that Mr. Donald Trump did privately! I never met Donald Trump but I met his father twice in front of witnesses and via my lawyer at the time! I was not a multi millionaire business person! I carried a gun and knew a few things and people in the world! I was considered a serious person! I will use my knowledge to defend Hillary Rodham Clinton because it is the "RIGHT" thing to do! I will not soil this blog with any innuendo against Donald Trump! I will post, in another Public Blog, the various crimes of Donald Trump as it comes from myself, a known ex operative and an undercover and a former member of many legal and illegal organizations, both real and legally implied! This Blog is for the Upstate New York Voter and The Vermont Voter! This Blog is so you, as citizens, understand Hillary Clinton from a street, legal and undercover position! Hillary Clinton has done many more fine and good things than she has talked about or let on! Hillary Clinton was just a loyal wife, a strong Senator, and a Secretary of State who actually personally operated a few undercover international operations to save American, and American Allied Lives! Hillary Clinton used her status as The First Lady, (The Presidents Wife) to help many! She was not responsible for any Presidential outcome because, like all Presidential employees or advisors, The President is semi autonomous, and will ultimately do as The President wishes! Ms. Clinton did advise and attempt to do as much as any First Lady has done but much more! When no one was allowed to discuss the Drug Problem in America, Hillary Clinton used Sandy Berger to help her understand it! Sandy Berger, who had access to a few undercover operatives, schooled Ms. Clinton to the best of his abilities and time! No one has ever heard of these situations because I had not gotten mad at Donald Trump yet! Hillary Clinton can not carry the burden of any indiscretions of her husband William Jefferson Clinton for ever! Hillary Clinton did not divorce Bill Clinton because she loved him and worked to keep her little family, together! I personally made the same mistakes and kept my family together even after divorce by being there and being a custodial father and trying to still love someone who was no longer there! FIFTY PER CENT (50%)  of all divorced men and women in America still love there spouses at the time of divorce. That is a fact and the only thing MS. Hillary Rodham Clinton is guilty of, is that she "LOVED HER HUSBAND AND DAUGHTER TOO MUCH"! Hillary Clinton is a person caught in the middle of national exposure and a husband who was a house hold name and a former Governor and President! --------------------------------The fact that the Public does not fully understand the Department of State is not unusual or even wrong! The Department of State is a monster that should be properly controlled but no one has ever been able to fully indoctrinate themselves into being Secretary of State, Yet! Hillary Clinton, because she has already tried to reign in a few undersecretaries and a few entrenched divisions of the State Department, is the ONLY and I mean ONLY person who is qualified to be President of the United States because she is part of the new change because she lived through the problems of the most Bureaucratic Division of The United States Government! Please be "legally advised" that The Secretary of State for the United States is "AUTONOMOUS" and only answers to the President of The United States! The present "Email Review Situation" by the Justice Dept. has never been done nor would have been done if Hillary Clinton was not running for President! The Republican Party Senators and Congress People, have been the ones who have pushed for this "Witch Hunt"!  No laws were broken but there were possible lapses in dialogue and lapses in confidential communications! Ms. Clinton, as Secretary of State, was personally in touch with all State Department Divisions on a SEVEN DAY a WEEK schedule! She had devised a secret United States, Department of State, Internal Investigation Narcotics Unit, that was almost ready to start it's work when she resigned! I, personally, am not privy to Secretary John Kerry, who is a fine man, and do not know where the plans for this Internal Investigation Narcotics Unit went! In my 45 years in the life, I never saw a person work so secretly, as Hillary Clinton has, to help America! Yes, Mrs. Clinton was paid speaking fees at many organizations. The amounts of these fees is public knowledge and was paid because the Organizations wished to pay them! I laughed when Donald Trump complained about Ms. Clinton's speaking fees, when he is under investigation in both California, Illinois, and New York for charging people a $35,000.00 tuition fee to hear him speak and read literature that any part time real estate sales person from Glens Falls, N.Y or Burlington, Vt. could write! Donald Trump stole large amounts of money for a percentage of the profits of a NON COLLEGE, according to the Dept. Of Education in New York State! Donald Trump could not be a real billionaire, in the true sense, because he is involved in too many shady deals and low end schemes to get loans, to which he takes partial loan moneys for his own personal use, because the money is tax free! Loans are tax free and have always been used as tax free income and repaid by the individuals companies! Donald Trump has a saying, "I LOVE DEBT"! This is a famous saying by Donald Trump! This blog is not going to keep climbing on Donald Trump's back! "BUT" it will start fulfilling the obligation to correctly write about the Oval Office Occupant as best as we can! Donald Trump is not responsible for the condition of the World on this day July, 5th, 2018, but he is starting to make things worse than the conditions were! The import tax on all good of 24% will start a recession by actually taking more money from the average taxpayer than the citizens paid prior to Donald Trump's election! A revamp of NAFTA would be good! A revamp of the "Chinese Situation" would be good! The Chinese have gotten away with too much and owe The United States too much! This Blog does agree with Mr. Trump on the Chinese! The Russian Investigation will be completely reviewed for the reader and especially the Readers in Bedford, New York, Katona, New York, and Chapaqua, New York. These three towns actually now house many current and past political, corporate, and show business persons! The Mueller Investigation is illegal and this blogger is a registered democrat both in New York and nationally, and I shall show all the readers that Rod Rosenstein hired Robert Mueller illegally therefore all information against as of this date is tainted and collected illegally in bias! Stay tuned for